After 7 years of successful industrial cooperation, TAS Group acquired a 51% stake in ArsBlue. This action will leverage the strengths of both companies’ development efforts resulting in providing more innovative payment solutions of the highest quality software for our customers.

The expanded group will have more than 500 subject matter experts and developers, a portfolio of more than 50 banking customers Worldwide, and more than 100 million cards managed by its software. Please see attached summary for additional key figures.

By being part of TAS Group we are able to provide you with a more comprehensive payments offering, adding powerful new solutions to our current card payment solution. From transaction risk analysis modules that use machine learning and advanced analytics, to SEPA and Instant Payments, we will provide you the very latest tools to meet today’s challenges and quickly adapt in an evolving ecosystem.

The continuity of your existing solution with us is guaranteed. There is no need to take any action, the change will be completely seamless and agreements in place remain valid.

Finally, to reflect all of the above, ArsBlue is changing its name to TAS Eastern Europe as a part of TAS’ overall International strategy.

Monday, 24 December 2018 13:18

Asoft, 5000 TPS on HPE NonStop!

We are very proud with the benchmark result achieved for our Payment Suite.


ArsBlue, with its partner comforte, port Asoft to NonStop, protecting the principles of one code base for all platforms and using all the fault tolerant and data integrity features available in NonStop SQL/MX.

Together with HPE, we are proud to demonstrate how well the Payments Suite maximizes the performance and fault tolerance of HPE Nonstop servers and achieved outstanding benchmark results in terms of both performance and linear scalability.

Read more about the technical details of the ATC labs Benchmark report & discover how comforte and ArsBlue can help your organization to differentiate and grow in the payments market.

Friday, 07 September 2018 10:05


Nairobi, Kenya

ArsBlue and our global partner Exatec Group, France, participated in third annual financial services Conference and Exhibition Seamless East Africa - FUTURE OF PAYMENTS, BANKING & FINTECH from September 5 to 7.

Seamless is a specialized event where over 800 fintech, payments & banking professionals of East Africa connect and bring together visionaries and innovators from across the industry, providing deep insights into new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share and protect money.

With 120 speakers joining over 100 content sessions and dozens of exhibitors, Seamless is the place to discover the trends, disruptors and innovations that are revolutionizing the industry as we know it.


Main topics covered by Conference included but were not limited to:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Fostering Fintech
  • Cyber Security
  • Alternative Payments
  • Digital Identity
  • Authentication
  • The Future Bank
  • Payments Innovation and
  • Digital Transformation

Beside industry sessions, ArsBlue and Exatec took active part in the Exhibition segment where we presented joint integrated omni-channel payment solutions for Financial Institutions, Microfinance Organizations and Independent Service Providers.

Our joint local Partner, company Intracom Ltd. from Nairobi helped us receive and host in our booth, visitors from twelve Eastern Africa’s countries and to share with them our ideas and visions as well as to present entire portfolio of our products and services.

ArsBlue and Exatec continue our fruitful long-term cooperation and business expansion through joint direct presence and through close cooperation with our strategic distinguished local partners across the African continent.

Milan, 4 July 2017 – Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane Spa, run by Paolo Bertoluzzo, following the authorization received from the Bank of Italy, completed the closing of the acquisition of Bassilichi Spa, a company specializing in payments and the provision of services to banks, companies and the Public Administration.

The scope of the acquisition includes, in addition to the Parent Company, the Triveneto Consortium (leading national operator in the management of POS, e-commerce and corporate banking services), Moneynet, BassmArt, Bassilichi CEE and ArsBlue.

NEXI, through this deal, shall further consolidate its leading position in the E-money segment and strengthen its presence on the Italian market thanks to the technological excellence of the solutions and services offered by Bassilichi.

The acquisition of the group is part of the development plan implemented by NEXI to further consolidate its presence in the world of payments in Italy through targeted acquisitions. NEXI, in line with the growth strategy and competitive positioning, has already acquired the Acquiring Merchant Books of Monte dei Paschi in Siena Spa and Deutsche Bank Spa.

The management of NEXI and Bassilichi will work from the very beginning to further strengthen its offer of innovative solutions and customer service to the benefit of the partner banks by bringing together the know-how and technologies of the two groups.

The Bassilichi Annual General Meeting nominated Leonardo Bassilichi and Clemente Honorati for the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. At the same time, the NEXI Board of Directors, chaired by Franco Bernabé, elected Marco Bassilichi to take the Chairmanship at CartaSi, which he will assume in the coming weeks.

Marco Bassilichi and Leonardo Bassilichi will also become shareholders of the Group confirming their confidence and willingness to contribute to the NEXI - CartaSi project.


Monday, 26 December 2016 10:50

We don't rest!

ArsBlue demonstrates again its excellence in software development.

AsoftIPG , complex Internet Payment Gateway software developed by Arsblue, got PA-DSS Attestation of Validation from PCI Security Standard Council. (check here, Reference #: 16-03.00807.002).

By this, AsoftIPG that is already in production from September 2016, became:

  • one of 10 software products in the world in category Gateway/SWITCH with validation Version 3.2 ;
  • the ONLY European software of the kind developed outside EU and Switzerland, PA DSS certified and certified by Visa, MasterCard and Amex for 3D security.

AsoftIPG was jointly developed with other companies of Bassilichi Group. Due to the contribution of our Italian colleagues, the software is enriched with sophisticated features and severely tested with the latest methods in software engineering.

On 11th and 12th of May 2016 in Belgrade will be held the next edition of Technobank.

Dusan Sikimic, Project Manager of BassilichiCEE, and Sanja Lakic Head of Card Business at Nova Banka AD Banja Luka will participate with a speech entitled "We R.A.I.S.E. the bar", in which, will be explained a full transformation of traditional bank environment into a real digital bank. Gloria Cenni CEO of BassilichiCEE will take part in panel discussion.

The participation of Bassilichi group at the event will show full scale of BassilchiCEE products and services with an accent on Asoft E2E software solutions as well as improved branch transformation concept.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 00:00

BassilichiCEE and ArsBlue @Technobank2015

The next 16 and 17 April will be held in Belgrade the 2015 edition of Technobank.

Technobank is now the leading event in the Balkans on the payment systems within the banking world, a place where you can meet banks and suppliers to be constantly updated on the latest trends and developments expected in this field in the local market.

The Bassilichi group could not miss this appointment therefore BassilichiCEE and ArsBlue, the two companies operating in the region, will be attending the event. They will have a stand where they will present the main solutions currently offered on the market.

Also, Danilo Rivalta, CEO of BassilichiCEE, will take part in two panel discussions and also participate with a speech entitled "A new paradigm for retail banking", in which, after a year since the last participation in the happening, will make the point on the situation on the developments in the Balkan region and illustrate what the Bassilichi group can offer as part of the branch transformation.

The participation of Bassilichi group at the event will show how the expansion into the Balkans is one of the main goals of the company: a process already begun in 2013, which is now beginning to bring results with the achievement of ambitious outcomes in one of its core businesses: the payment systems

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00

Training for Nigerian Banks Held in Belgrade

A five days course for the staff of Union and FCMB Bank of Nigeria was held from December 15th to 19th. Both banks are ranked among the 10 largest banks in Nigeria and among 50 largest banks in Africa.

This is the third course for Nigerian clients in 2014 and it was attended by employees from over 20 banks. The attendance consisted of experts for e-business, innovative channels, IT control, client relationship and other fields.

ArsBlue software for managing ATM channel, with its innovative features, is getting more and more attention in Nigerian banking establishment. With its strategic partner, the Robert Johnson Company, ArsBlue manages ATMs in nine Nigerian banks, with steady increase.

ArsBlue is proud to announce that, on the ATM of Nova Bank Banja Luka in luxury hotel Termag on Jahorina, we installed a software for currency exchange and put it in operation. Exchange office works independently of other ATM transactions, and bank, on a daily basis, sends exchange rates.

This ATM, in addition to the basic devices (card reader, a device for the money payment, pinpad, printer), has a device for the acceptance of paper money and also a device for payment of coins for the purposes of exchange offices. ATM accepts EUR, USD and CHF and exchange it into local currency, i.e. convertible mark (BAM). Customers are paid in paper denominations of 10 BAM and 50 BAM, while the metal denominations are 0,50, 1 and 2 BAM, so that the losses of rounding are almost minimal. User can terminate transaction at any time, and inserted money will be re-turned to them.

With this software, ArsBlue added a new service to the hotel Termag, and sig-nificantly improved the service of their foreign guests.

Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00

Belgrade, ArsBlue Laboratory

We are delighted to report that PAX, one more EFT POS terminals manufacturer, is included into Asoft concept of vendor independent soft-ware. Model of PAX terminal with CDMA modem, is now fully operational in UBA bank in Nigeria.

The same concept is confirmed in the case of ATMs too. The implementation of Asoft ATM solution on the Banqit ATMs in Nova Banka (BiH) is currently in progress. With this, ArsBlue confirms its commitment to development of software which is fully independent from hardware manufacturers.

A study, done by ATM marketplace research team, shows that in 2014 32,6% of all the ATMs in the world are using vendor independent software, while in 2013 it was 28%. Also more than 15% ATM owners consider to change their ATM manufacturer software to multi vendor soft-ware as soon as possible. The rest of them will do the same gradually.

This puts ArsBlue concept of software development (that is independent from hardware manufacturers) in the front row seat and also among the most modern solutions in the world.

After the catastrophic floods in the Republic of Srpska, when thousands of people were left homeless, the Government decided to provide the assistance in the form of prepaid payment cards. The ability to produce a high-quality software enabled ArsBlue to implement, in a very short time, a complex cards issuing system and a special network for the reception of it, and also to swiftly provide the assistance to people in need. Within three weeks, the cards with a PIN were ready for delivery and terminals (with a special application for the use of these resources) were also installed and became fully operational.

What is usually done in six months, we completed in one month. The knowledge of our professionals and the quality of software products played the important role in this quick completion, but the main reason for it was the dedication and diligent work of ArsBlue staff for whom it was not hard to work even at night in order to provide aid as soon as possible.

AsoftE2E has been successfully validated on zSystem and Linux, under the IBM Systems Application Advantage for Linux (Chiphopper) Program. The solution has been installed and validated on Red Hat Linux distribution on System z System, Websphere and DB2 in IBM Innovation Center in Dallas, Texas. 

From now, AsoftE2E is approved to use "Ready for IBM Systems with Linux" mark and logo.

Thursday, 15 December 2011 01:00

ARIUS Kiosks live in the Skye Bank, Nigeria

Live operation of ARIUS kiosk for cashless payments has started in the Skye Bank, Nigeria. A rich set of the kiosk functionalities is covering standard ATM services, internet banking, bill payments and mobile top-up for different mobile operators in Nigeria. The solution supports all types of payment cards accepted in Nigeria.

Saturday, 12 November 2011 01:00

Sixth Nigerian Bank with AsoftA2Z on ATMs

The Enterprise Bank has become the sixth bank in Nigeria to use ARIUS vendor independent software on their ATMs. ARIUS' AsoftA2Z software is now running on Debold Opteva 562 in ATM network of the Enterprise Bank, former Spring Bank.