Monday, 21 July 2014 00:00

Banja Luka, BiH, Republic of Srpska - System for Aid Payment Put into Operation in a Record Three Weeks

After the catastrophic floods in the Republic of Srpska, when thousands of people were left homeless, the Government decided to provide the assistance in the form of prepaid payment cards. The ability to produce a high-quality software enabled ArsBlue to implement, in a very short time, a complex cards issuing system and a special network for the reception of it, and also to swiftly provide the assistance to people in need. Within three weeks, the cards with a PIN were ready for delivery and terminals (with a special application for the use of these resources) were also installed and became fully operational.

What is usually done in six months, we completed in one month. The knowledge of our professionals and the quality of software products played the important role in this quick completion, but the main reason for it was the dedication and diligent work of ArsBlue staff for whom it was not hard to work even at night in order to provide aid as soon as possible.