Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00

Belgrade, ArsBlue Laboratory

We are delighted to report that PAX, one more EFT POS terminals manufacturer, is included into Asoft concept of vendor independent soft-ware. Model of PAX terminal with CDMA modem, is now fully operational in UBA bank in Nigeria.

The same concept is confirmed in the case of ATMs too. The implementation of Asoft ATM solution on the Banqit ATMs in Nova Banka (BiH) is currently in progress. With this, ArsBlue confirms its commitment to development of software which is fully independent from hardware manufacturers.

A study, done by ATM marketplace research team, shows that in 2014 32,6% of all the ATMs in the world are using vendor independent software, while in 2013 it was 28%. Also more than 15% ATM owners consider to change their ATM manufacturer software to multi vendor soft-ware as soon as possible. The rest of them will do the same gradually.

This puts ArsBlue concept of software development (that is independent from hardware manufacturers) in the front row seat and also among the most modern solutions in the world.