Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

ATM Exchange Office at the Winter Recreation Centre

ArsBlue is proud to announce that, on the ATM of Nova Bank Banja Luka in luxury hotel Termag on Jahorina, we installed a software for currency exchange and put it in operation. Exchange office works independently of other ATM transactions, and bank, on a daily basis, sends exchange rates.

This ATM, in addition to the basic devices (card reader, a device for the money payment, pinpad, printer), has a device for the acceptance of paper money and also a device for payment of coins for the purposes of exchange offices. ATM accepts EUR, USD and CHF and exchange it into local currency, i.e. convertible mark (BAM). Customers are paid in paper denominations of 10 BAM and 50 BAM, while the metal denominations are 0,50, 1 and 2 BAM, so that the losses of rounding are almost minimal. User can terminate transaction at any time, and inserted money will be re-turned to them.

With this software, ArsBlue added a new service to the hotel Termag, and sig-nificantly improved the service of their foreign guests.