Card Issuing

Card Issuing

Integrated credit, debit prepaid

Payment card acquiring

Payment card Acquiring

Universal channel managament

Mobile and Internet

Mobile & Internet

3d secure, universal

Retail consumer cards

Retail consumer cards

VAS (Value added service loyalty)

Having full flexibility, due to its own software products and alliances, TAS EE is empowered to be an architect of the modern payment solutions.

We design and build innovative payment systems with ease.

TAS EE is pioneer in design of products for emerging markets to suit the needs of un-banked customers and the banks striving to spread the channels over the territory with very poor infrastructure.

Asoft Concept

ASOFT is an End-to-End, simple, coherent, robust, manageable card based payment application software solution.

Designed in 2000s, evolving with software technology, enriched with user requirements from different continents and culture, developed and managed by the same team.

Due to advanced architecture and completeness it becomes ideal platform for digital banking transformation.

ASOFT solution is composed of two application software suits:

AsoftE2E and AsoftA2Z.

Asfot Digital Concept


AsoftE2E is end-to-end software application suite that provides: card life cycle management (debit, credit, pre-paid, virtual, and mobile), flexible management of card portfolio and fast creation of new card products, authorization, authentication, fraud management and credit scoring, dispute management, transaction processing, clearing & settlement, reporting and analytics, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), billing, bill consolidation, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP).


AsoftA2Z is universal channel management software application suite that enables banks, financial institutions and independent service organizations to proactively and effectively manage ATM, Kiosk, EFTPOS terminals, Internet and mobile device channels in a fully automated, secured, and integrated environment.


  • child support
  • child welfare
  • pensions
  • enterprise government
  • government utilities
  • healthcare
  • labor & employment
  • public assistance
  • tax and revenue
  • transportation
  • ID cards


  • banks
  • credit unions
  • financial institutions


  • large retailers
  • grocery stores
  • pharmacies
  • gas stations
  • convenience stores
  • restaurants
  • on-line retailers

Service businesses

  • travel & entertainment
  • professional trades
  • independent service operators
  • e-business


TAS EE developed an innovative and advanced suite consisting of 2 platforms:

AsoftE2E (cards) and AsoftA2Z (ATM, POS, kiosks, mobile).


Backend system components

    • Card Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Create and Manage Campaings
    • Loyalty / Reward Management
    • Transaction Processing / Clearing and Settlement


Frontend system components

    • Communication Concentrator
    • Switch
    • Terminal Management
    • Mobile Management
Financial Institution

Financial Institution



  • Asoft POS
  • Asoft ATM XFS
  • Asoft KIOSK
  • Asoft Crypto Mobile Modul
  • Transaction Processing / Clearing and Settlement

This multi-device multi-platform and multilingual suite, certified by Visa and MasterCard, has been deployed in three different continents thanks to its characteristics and flexibility: Europe, Africa and Asia.